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"To Give is to Live"

On the grounds of Charity Begins At Home, RIFAO (Rashida Iqbal Financial Aid Organization) was started in 2009 by 36th batch of RMU as a means to help medical students monetarily and honour late Biochemistry professor Ma'm Rashida Iqbal. We're basically a Donation Based Non-profit Organization in which Medical Students work voluntarily under the supervision of Vice-Chancellor RMU, Prof Dr. Muhammad Umer(Sitara-e-Imtiaz) and Prof Dr. Jahangir Sarwar Khan (HOD SU-1, HFH).
We help not only via finances but also by providing free of cost medical books and study guidelines. Our mission is to make life easier for medical students to help them study and make them better doctors.

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Our Departments

How we work



Collect donations and distribute to needy students in the form of college, hostel fee & pocket money



• Finance department is the backbone of RIFAO. Its work is to grant scholarship(s) to deserving students from all the classes of MBBS in Rawalpindi Medical University. • The names of the students receiving the scholarship(s) are kept with strict confidentiality. • Fundraising Seminars, Food Fests, and other educational and co-curricular events are organized to generate funds. • A monthly and annual drive is organized to collect donations from Classes, and faculty of Rawalpindi Medical University. • In addition, many generous ex-members, and ex Rawalians and some others keep on donating on and off, adding their part to RIFAO fund collection.

Working Body

The Director

•Director of Finance is elected once in a year through interviewing by the previous panel usually in August/September. • Candidates eligible to apply for the said post must be in the upcoming final year, should be well-disciplined, an active member of RIFAO and have attended most of the events and meetings. • The director holds a joint account with the Patron in Chief in National Bank of Pakistan in the name of RIFAO. • The director receives applications for scholarship(s) and forward them to Patron in Chief after scrutiny, with whom vests the final decision. • The director is vowed to secrecy in keeping the names of the beneficiaries. He may disclose the name only to President of RIFAO. • The director distributes monthly cheques of an outstanding amount to beneficiaries and keeps check on them. • If the director holds an opinion about a beneficiary, he may revoke his scholarship(s). • The director also releases funds from the Executive funds as needed by society.

The Secretary

• The secretary act as an aid to the Director as required, and elected once in a year through interviewing by the previous panel usually in August/September. • He has the same eligibility as mentioned above except that he may be in the upcoming fourth year. • The matters above are also kept confidential with the secretary. • The secretary is to keep the record of members and their working.


• Members are recruited by the new panel for the given year after interviewing. • Members are elected from each class. • Members collect monthly funds from other members of RIFAO called the Executive funds' pool and also given the task to rotate envelope in their class each month.

Basic Standard Operational Procedures

• All the members work voluntarily for the society. • They must endeavour to raise funds for the society in the means possible to them • The must participate in events organized by the society. • The must cooperate with other department and work with joint efforts for the betterment and progress of RIFAO. • A certificate of appreciation will be awarded to those who have participated in maximum events and have played a significant role.

Future Goals

• To get the society registered with the government. • To increase collection of Funds from classes. • To increase the sphere of Scholarship(s) to Allied Health Sciences. • To collect funds from Allied Health Sciences as well. • To organize more events to raise funds and to help students in their education and career. • To make RIFAO flourish and progress beyond new horizons.



Make coverage of every event and help students by providing study guidelines



RIFAO Media Department exists to publicize RIFAO's mission and bring all endeavours in this regard to the attention of the public. This helps spread RIFAO's message to wider audiences and helps to both benefactors and reach beneficiaries.

How it Helps Students?

Publicity of RIFAO's mission helps the society grab more benefactors and reach more beneficiaries. • Photographs and videos of study material help improve RIFAO's study aids for RMU students.

Working Procedure:

RIFAO conducts numerous fundraising events throughout the year in the form of bake sales, workshops and other co-curricular activities. It is the duty of the media department's photographers to gather photos of all said activities to provide to the publishing committee for publicity purposes. All members work under the supervision of the director. Meetings are conducted as needed to discuss duties, plans and agendas, the attendance for which is mandatory for all members.

Working Body:

Director (final year student) • Secretary (fourth-year student) • Members (two from each academic year)

Future Goals

Goals are updated on a monthly basis. Photography Division's goals as of 2020 are:
Improve activity/event coverage to publicise RIFAO's mission to wider audiences. • Making quality clinical examination videos and providing photographs of study material to the Publications Department to renew study aids created by RIFAO teams of previous years.



Collect books by arranging book bank donation drive and give these books to any student in need




Book bank is one of the departments under RIFAO. Its mission is to provide 1st to final year MBBS plus Allied Health sciences students with textbooks. It is basically a platform to provide books to the students who can't buy all the bulky books of MBBS.

How it Helps Students?

Book bank lets students borrow books just like the library so that they can acquire knowledge and their education is not compromised.

Working Procedure:

Non- availability of books should not be a hindrance in acquiring knowledge. Throughout the year, book donation drive is conducted to collect books from fellow students, then arranged and their record is maintained. A Student just has to visit the library and give book bank member his/her data and can take the book. Book bank works by issuing students with books. Students must sign a form in order to takeout a book. Books must be returned in the same condition after the end of students’ respective academic year or when no longer required. Student data is registered on forms and the form is kept safe at end contact is made with students for returning the books. Books are also arranged hurriedly in case of an emergency like loss of books by the student in final exams etc.

Working Body:

Director and secretary should be available for guidance at all times. Arrange meetings with President and Vice president and Directors of other departments. Address any queries of members or students in general. Members work under the supervision of the Director. Meetings should be coordinated amongst all members and ensure the presence of all to discuss future plans and agenda. Cell phone numbers of members should be known to the respective class so that they can be contacted to issue a book. Maintain records of books. So The responsibility of members is to keep all this activity under observation, to collect the books from the ones who have taken it in last year and to arrange the books.


RIFAO BOOK BANK DEPARTMENT has managed to donate books to hundreds of students from 1st to final year. It contains all types of course books including for USMLE, PLAB, Mcqs books, q-banks etc. It has at the moment 700+ books of all subjects.

Future Goals:

Future goals are to put on full effort in making the department much better by the provision of the latest editions. Furthermore, students evaluation procedure will be introduced to evaluate on basis of need for books. Funds must be collected to buy new books so that it can be given to the one in need. Proper data will be entered monthly basis to reduce bias at the end of the year while returning the books.


It is a branch of RIFAO that deals with guiding students in their academic endeavours, whether it be class tests or Professional Examination.

What have we done so far?

TOS of each subject, rank orders, notes, summaries and past papers are uploaded for every subject exam from 1st to final year MBBS on a timely basis.

What are our Future Plans?

• To update our guidelines according to the recently introduced modular system • To upload improved notes and revise the entire RIFAO drive to a more modernized way of learning • To work to our maximum potential for providing guidelines in an easily accessible and timely way.

Operating Procedure of Department

It works on intricate coordination between a team of 16 members with about 2-4 members per class of MBBS. Members report test dates and syllabus to the Director and Secretary of the department, after which they assign their team to make relevant notes, which are reviewed, edited and uploaded to the RIFAO drive and made available to the class that requires it. Any past papers, e-books or other guidance is also provided.

Our Aim

We aim to ensure maximum yield of internal assessment, to provide study tips and to eventually aid the preparation of Professional Examinations, making better doctors in the long run.



Make events presentable by decorating stalls in bake sale and sports week or other events



The aim of this department is to help in the decor of Rifao food fest, bake sales, sports week stalls, notice boards, and donation boxes. All kind of information related to Rifao upcoming events are being pasted on notice boards.

How it Helps Students:

The money collected from bake sales, stalls and food fest used in granting scholarships to deserving students. Notice board notifications help students in up to date activities of the society and getting information related to upcoming events. All these kind of events are also a source of co-curricular activities for students.

Working Procedure:

A team of members ranging from first to final year is recruited on a yearly basis to help in the decor of food fest and notice boards. They keep check and balance of notice boards. All members work as a team to make every event successful.

Working Body:

Director (fourth year/final year) Director (final year/fourth year student) • Secretary (fourth year student) • Members (two from each academic year)

Basic Standard Operational Procedure:

• All members have to volunteer for artwork • The member who participate maximum for the artwork will be awarded the certificate at the end of tenure. • As this society is working for fundraising of students so members have to take care of finance of society and avoid unnecessary buying of art things • Members have to complete the decor within the budget • Ideas related to notice board must be approved by executives. • Donation boxes must be checked every month.

Future goals:

• OTB notice board application submission • OTB notice board decor • OTB charts pasting • Maintaining of NTB notice board • OTB food fest • Calligraphy competition • Checking donation boxes


• NTB bake sale • OTB bake sale • NTB notice board approval • NTB notice board decor • NTB food fest • Sports week stalls

NTB > New Teaching Block, OTB > Old Teaching Block



Arrange and manage different events in order to raise funds for the society



The aim is to arrange events of two sorts: fundraising and student counselling. The latter include workshops, seminars and sessions on medical as well as non-medical topics.

How it Helps Students:

The fundraising proceeds go towards scholarship grants to deserving students including accommodation, books, pocket money and academic fees. The counselling sessions aim at providing benefit to students for career planning as well as honing extracurricular skills. Skilled and experienced guest speakers are invited to these events to guide students.

Working Procedure:

A team of members ranging from first to final year is recruited on a yearly basis to organize all events individually under RIFAO as well as to set up stalls or incorporate activities, that will allow accumulating funds or otherwise benefit the student body, into events being held otherwise in the university such as the annual Sports Week. Collaborations with intra-college societies are also encouraged for the same objectives.

Working Body:

Director (final year student) • Secretary (fourth year student) • Members (two from each academic year)

Basic Standard Operational Procedure:

Tenure begins with the idea that there is a sum total of Rs. 0 in the accounts. So the number of fundraiser events that must be held per year depends on the donation amount that must be raised annually according to the set criteria. All the amount is submitted to the finance department. Academic counselling sessions are need-based seminars, workshops and guidance sessions.

Future Goals:

To achieve a better working of the department through evaluation reports of members. To be well informed of events, through social media notifications, that RIFAO can incorporate activities in.


USLME session by Dr. Mobeen • KAPLAN online session • PLAB guidance session • Emergency medicine symposium • Electives guidance session • RIFAO Food Fest



Help making connections and providing different speakers & sponsors at events



Aim of this department is to run the whole society. It is the department that deals with hiring, administration, and training of staff. This department makes up the workforce of RIFAO. It coordinates all the affairs of Rifao inside as well as outside RMU. Whether it be food fest or any seminar, everything happens with the coordination of human resources with other departments. It is the most valuable asset a society has.

Working Procedure:

All the members from President and Directors to simple members are recruited yearly through a proper channel. Tasks are done by division of labour. Members are answerable to Directors and Directors are answerable directly to President. Assistant Director and Secretary assist Director in everything. Monthly meetings occur that are mandatory for every member to attend. All the events that occur are held for two main purposes: 1. Fundraising
2. Student counselling
Both of which help students in one way or other as Rifao works purely for the welfare of students.

Working Body:

Director (final year student) • Secretary (fourth year student) • Members (two from each academic year)

Future Goals:

• To expand Rifao beyond RMU • Conduct a seminar on CV making • Conduct an emergency workshop • Conduct OTB food fest • Improve ongoing activities • Further goals are updated on a monthly basis.


• Yearly OTB and NTB bake sales • Sports week stalls • Rifao food fest • Rifao online wars • Rifao royal rumble • OPTP, Cinepax and many other sponsorships

NTB > New Teaching Block, OTB > Old Teaching Block


"No wealth (of a servant of Allah) is decreased because of charity."

(Al-Tirmidhi, Hadith No. 2247)

Any Help is Appreciated