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Repaying our debt to the society

He who spends his wealth for increase in self purification and who has (in mind) no favour from anyone to be paid back, except to seek the countenance of ALLAH, the most high. He surely will be pleased (when he will enter paradise).

RIFAO (RASHIDA IQBAL FINANCIAL AID ORGANIZATION) was established in 2009 in honour of Late Ma'am Rashida Iqbal( Biochemistry Department of Rawalpindi Medical University )who was in good graces of the students. Her students of batch 36 RMU developed this donation-based organization for her Isal-e-Sawab to reciprocate her unmatched dedication towards her profession.
Earlier, under the supervision of Ma'am Rehana Rana (H.O.D Anatomy dep), Ma'am Zarmina Saga (Head DME) and Dr. Riffat Khurshid (HOD Biochemistry), this organization worked by selecting group representatives from the 20 PBL groups of batch 36.
Now in its 11th year, after approval from the Vice-Chancellor Prof.Muhammad Umer (Sitara e Imtiaz), this organization is doing wonders for the ones (students) who live below the mark is perfectly supported by Dr. Jahangir Sarwar Khan.

RIFAO aims at getting donations from within the institution to provide facilities to all those students who are living below the mark of stability. It also ensures them quality education and adjusting them for the average cost (expenses) of their education so that without any hurdle, they can become future leaders.

RIFAO is led by the competent team of final year of MBBS every year who have earned their name by showing gratitude and loyalty to the organization during their studies in MBBS.
It has been divided into certain departments to equalize the work benefits. Donations are collected by the mentors and students by participating in different group activities. Money raised by such activities is transferred in RIFAO'S authorized bank account and carefully distributed among needy students.


Prof. Dr. Muhammad Umar (Sitara e Imtiaz)

Patron in Chief

Prof. Dr. Jahangir Sarwar Khan

Patron in Charge

Maliha Haroon


Fahad Shuaib

Vice President

Muqaddas Rose

General Secretary

Kainat Zafar

Joint Secretary

Hamna Attique

Director Finance

Mubashra Gul

Director Education

Maryam Arif

Director Events & Management

Darakhshan Samar

Director Human Resources

Ayesha Aslam

Director Media

Amina Mehboob

Director Social Media

Wajiha Batool

Director Arts and Crafts

Haris Murtaza

Secretary Events Management

Sarah Kafeel

Secretary Finance

Aimen Sami

Secretary Education


Secretary Arts & Crafts

Laiba Munazzam

Secretary Human Resources

Arooj Afzal

Secretary Media (Editing)

Aleeha Waheed

Secretary Media (Photography)

Ex-Executive Members

"No wealth (of a servant of Allah) is decreased because of charity."

(Al-Tirmidhi, Hadith No. 2247)

Any Help is Appreciated