Final year is the 5th year of MBBS. The feeling of making it to final year is surreal because you'll become a doctor after it. People will expect you to diagnose and treat their ailments. It is also the last year of your student life so you must study and enjoy at the same time.

Final year consists of 4 major subjects; Medicine, Surgery, Gynaecology & Obstetrics and finally Pediatrics. General advice is to take all wards very seriously because most of the learning would be clinically based including the questions on your tests and blocks. For Medicine, use  Davidson as the main book and add notes from Davidson on Kaplan lecture notes on Internal Medicine to make it digestible. Dogar for Systemic and General Surgery are the main books for Surgery and certain topics need to be covered by Bailey & Love.

"If you don't sacrifice for what you want, what you want will become the sacrifice."

For OBstetrics & Gynaecology, Ten teachers is enough. It is a comparatively easy subject in the final year. Lastly, Pervez Akbar for Pediatrics is the only book you need to do for this subject. Pediatrics is a lot like Medicine with a few differences so if you have a grip on Medicine you'll be able to go good on Pediatrics as well.
Lastly, do download/Print the entire UHS syllabus of final year and do the important topics on a first priority basis by following Rank Orders and our individual guidelines.