Welcome tothe honeymoon of your MBBS aka 4th year of MBBS, RMU. Just like your previous medical years, this isn't an easy year at all. Pathology really gives a hard time especially in professionals, where one needs to memorize the morphologies of almost all the systems. There is nothing important or un-important, UHS can literally ask you any morphology, however, class tests mostly come from past tests/papers. Overall pathology needs to be prepared well enough; No need to do each and everything thing from medium Robbins, try to do minor topics from Pathoma or Irfan Masood (very few people know about this book, but this is kind of summary of medium Robbins and it too writes morphologies, unlike Pathoma) Note: *dermatology needs not to be done*

Community medicine is the second major subject of 4th year. It’s not difficult or conceptual, in other words, *nothing more than a ratta*. Reading a topic twice is enough to get good grades in class test, try to memorize the list wherever it's given, coz they mostly ask to enlist different factors(for anything). Excel is more than enough just a very few topics need to be done from Park, which will be enlisted in guidelines. Try to memorize the definitions of major topics (as viva is all about definitions)

"If you don't sacrifice for what you want, what you want will become the sacrifice."

Coming onto ENT, it's not at all difficult and Dhingra is a very good book, just a read is enough to get the whole concept. Surgeries are important, like do the indications & side effects. Department conducts only 1 test or at times 2 tests in a year. However, MCQs asked in the professionals are not so easy.

Now it's EYE. Standard books include Jatoi, Jogi and Parsons' (Jatoi is enough for an average student). Mostly people don't study it throughout the year but it really gives u hard time in proff. Like class tests, even send-ups can be passed with external help but the subject is difficult and Jatoi needs time to memorize so try to study it along with other books.
That's all about 4th year. All the very best and have a great year.